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Rachel Haw

Brand Director - TBWA\ Group Malaysia

If it doesn't involve food don't go anywhere near this sleeping dragon.

Rachel has a knack of finding the diamond in the rough, creating the best opportunities out of the seeming boring. You can be rest assured, she is always up for any challenge.

Rachel's multifaceted experiences, ranges from Telco, Banking, Retail IT, dark marketing (tobacco and alcohol), F&B, q-commerce, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products.

She has also spent a considerable amount of time within the leisure and tourism industry, building an extensive portfolio of international theme parks in Malaysia and developing a VR360 interactive platform in collaboration with various resorts partners and Tourism Board of Maldives.

When she is not glued to the laptop, she’s a mermaid at heart, diving into the deeper depths exploring life under the sea, or just simply letting her mind wander off with the sea breeze whilst travelling around for more life indulgences.