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Nazirah Ashari

Strategy Director - TBWA\ Group Malaysia

Nazirah is a former journalist turned hybrid strategist, specialising in digital and social media strategy with Lion & Lion Digital, TBWA\Digital Arts Network, BBDO & Proximity and indie agency, The Clan as part of her former agency roster. At TBWA\Kuala Lumpur, Nazirah leads Malaysia’s budding all-female strategic planning team. She’s also leading a regional project to develop the network’s specialisation and expertise on the influential global Muslim segment. She is part of the research team at TBWA\Asia, commissioned to study the Muslim travel segment and much of her best work has connected brands like Pizza Hut, Libresse, U Mobile and Maybelline, with this audience. Nazirah is also a body positive advocate and influencer who have been featured in campaigns by brands like Ms.Read and Kosé.