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Hui Tsin Yee

Chief Executive Officer - TBWA\ Group Malaysia

Yee Hui Tsin, Chief Executive Officer, TBWA Group Malaysia

At a five foot frame, Hui Tsin was made COO of the TBWA Group in 2016. During her time as COO, she has played a crucial role in driving new business, enhancing client relationships, building culture and leading transformation programmes. She led the transformation from a traditional creative agency to a data-oriented one having expertise in creative tech, social business, digital marketing and content. 

Promoted to Managing Director in 2018, taking over to continue to evolve the agency in a continuous disruptive industry.

Hui Tsin is sincerely committed and passionate about the business. With Loob Holding, she led the 45-day brand transformation from Chatime to Tealive, starting with a zero base to an operational roll-out of 150 outlets nationwide. Secured the Pizza Hut brand in 2017, and grew the business to one of the top clients for TBWA.

Her no-nonsense attitude is underscored by a conviction “Nothing is Impossible.  Let’s make it happen.” Yet beneath that tough exterior, lies a soft centre; who urges her team to step out of their comfort zone, to explore fresh ideas, sample new cuisine, listen to unfamiliar music – all in the name of Disruption.