Schools are great and all, but nothing prepares you for work more than actually working. If the idea of an internship with us seems scary in any way, let these happy faces convince you otherwise.

And here’s what they had to say.
"I didn’t feel like an intern at all, doing everything a real employee does." - Amanna

"They pushed me off the deep end and taught me a great deal." - Sabrina

"TBWA gave me good exposure and a real life working experience." - Nikki Yong

"I discovered more things about my capabilities in 3 months than I had my entire life." - Jia Yee

"Coming into TBWA Malaysia’s office has definitely opened my eyes to the advertising industry." - Joanne Mace

"I am thankful that my mentors recognised the fact that as an intern, I WANT TO LEARN and boy, did I learn a lot." - Lut Aiman

"It is a great opportunity for you to learn the ropes of Advertising, don’t worry if you have zero experience." - Yen Nee

"These four months has taught me to be fearless of the ideas I have." - Joanne Thong

"TBWA has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons in the advertising universe." - Amirul Ashraf

"I've recognised my strengths and weaknesses thanks to everyone in TBWA\KL." - Ryan Wee

"I enjoyed interning at TBWA, it gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment." - Liana Azwa

"Interning here was never a dull moment, everyday is a new adventure." - Zoe Lee

"You gain good exposure to real work, which I like-lah. I still can’t believe they put me in a pitch team." - Zhaffiry Fenner

"Guidances from everyone in the department made it all the more memorable and worthwhile." - Joanna Mak

"I could say, I’m not the same me 3 months ago (haha)." - Anlynne Chen